Wednesday, September 22, 2010


I need a new toddler. This one is broke. 

He pees on the floor. 
His only answer for why is "no"

He uses his hand for a phone. 

He refuses to take a nap. I still need naps. Can he stay awake and watch me take a nap?

He calls his grandma "nonos"
He calls my sister "gogo"
He calls his other grandma "bobo"
He calls me "mum". Repeatedly. 

He makes his cheerios talk to me. They are very sassy. 

He knows when he is being bad. He still says "wat?". 

He whispers unintelligible secrets in my ear. I think they are ways he intends to be bad in the future. 

He refuses to tell me when he is poopy. Instead he lifts his arms up and very convincingly says "no poopy"!

He listens to his daddy. I think they planned this. 

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  1. I've been trying to leave a comment. Oh well, one last time

    I found you thru "The Bloggess". You left a comment and I read a few of your entries. You have talent and I hope you keep writing,